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Whether you are a partner at a big law firm, an associate, a killer litigator, or a law student, you probably spend many frustrating hours searching for the most relevant and up-to-date insights to base your arguments or pleadings on.

Law firms spend costly man hours conducting legal research, yet there’s a glass ceiling of humanly-possible cases one can read. To search, a lawyer defines the search terms; queries the legal databases; narrows the search results to a limited number of results one can process within a reasonable time frame; and finally reads and analyses each and every result to extract legal insights.

ModusP’s legal knowledge platform provides significant legal insights in a fraction of the time. While existing legal software solutions support only basic searches of the legal databases, ModusP’s platform allows legal semantic analysis and extraction of non-trivial insights, enabling lawyers to conduct quality legal research. Powered by big data and semantic algorithms, ModusP’s platform is faster, stronger, and more efficient than all current commercial solutions.

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ModusP's legal knowledge platform provides law firms and law professionals with unprecedented search capabilities, saving thousands of research hours a month while generating insights that no analyst or any other software can extract.

Nimrod Gliksman

Nimrod Gliksman

Nimrod has over 7 years of experience in strategic consulting in the Israeli Ministry Of Defense and the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office. Prior to co-founding ModusP Nimrod was a financial consultant at Swary & Co. where he managed corporate value assessments in significant M&A deals in the Israeli market. Nimrod has studied Mathematics and Accounting at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Tom Bar-Yacov

Tom Bar-Yacov

Tom has over 12 years of software engineering experience. Prior to co-founding ModusP, Tom was a senior engineer and a network infrastructure architect at Brightsource. Prior to Brightsource, Tom was a Developer at Elbit Systems. During his military service, Tom served at one of IDF’s top computing units. Tom has studied Computer Science and Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Osnat Persky, Esq.

Osnat Persky, Esq.

Osnat has over 12 years of legal experience. Prior to joining ModusP as VP Biz Dev, Osnat practiced law as a criminal defense attorney at the renowned Manhattan-based law firm Brafman & Associates, P.C. Prior to her U.S. experience Osnat also worked as a litigation attorney and an Assistant District Attorney in Israel. Osnat obtained her law degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and her Masters degree from The Fletcher School, Tufts University.

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Lawyers with Research Experience

If you’re an out-of-the-box thinker with a passion for pushing the boundaries and making legal knowledge more accessible, the ModusP team has a place for you.

Hadoop Experts

Processing the vast legal corpus is a challenge that no single server can handle. The ModusP team is looking for Hadoop experts to shepherd their herd of wild servers.

NLP Engineers

We are looking for NLP Engineers to join ModusP's team who are skilled and highly motivated that have experience with machine learning algorithms.


Want to help shape how future lawyers conduct research? if you have experience with UI design? - ModusP is the place for you.

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